sister act

Hi, we're Camilla and Rachael Pickworth.

Although we’re sisters, we have different passions and strengths.

Just like in the photo below from half a lifetime ago, Rachael is creative in a ‘let’s build a treehouse’ way and Camilla is creative in a ‘let’s decorate the treehouse’ way.

We combine our skills to help you create a great Instagram feed and grow your business.

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I’m Camilla (on the right in the recent picture), a visual creative who embraces pop culture, authentic photos and anything that’s trending on social media.  

I love working with great people and delivering results by creating brand relevant Instagram strategies and posts.

Instagram management allows me to collide my passions, strengths and experience in fashion and interior design, visual merchandising, graphics, online marketing and my geeky love of research and analytics.

I’m Rachael, a visual creative who loves business and marketing.

I love meeting new people, learning about their dreams and goals and helping them achieve them.

Instagram management allows me to leverage my passions, strengths and experience as an award winning entrepreneur and as a business coach since 2001.